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Votes For Women!

The Fight For Women's Suffrage in New Jersey Newspapers In Chronicling America

In the news...1858-1871

Taxation Without Representation   West-Jersey pioneer., January 23, 1858, Image 2

Lucy Stone Again   West-Jersey pioneer., February 06, 1858, Image 1

Lecture By Lucy Stone   West-Jersey pioneer., February 20, 1858, Image 1

Lucy Stone at Trenton    West-Jersey pioneer.,, 15 March 1867

NJ Woman Suffrage Association. Notice of First Annual Meeting. West-Jersey pioneer. November 27, 1868, Image 2

Woman Suffrage Association. Second Annual Meeting At Vineland West-Jersey pioneer., December 11, 1868, Image 2  

The Sixteenth Amendment   West-Jersey pioneer., April 22, 1870, Image 2

Woman Suffrage Meeting  West-Jersey pioneer., November 04, 1870, Image 2. Above this notice is a column on “The Woman Question”.

Lucy Stone Will Speak At The Woman Suffrage Convention   West-Jersey pioneer., November 17, 1871, Image 2

In the news...1890-1899

In Woman’s Behalf. Legal Inequality.     Bridgeton pioneer., February 27, 1890, Page 2, Image 2

In Woman’s Behalf. Powerful Advocate. Efficacy of the General Newspaper in Diffusing Suffrage Sentiment    Bridgeton pioneer., April 17, 1890, Page 6, Image 6

In Woman’s Behalf. A Toast to Woman’s Rights (and others)    Bridgeton pioneer., April 24, 1890, Page 2, Image 2

Woman Suffrage Notes (and others)  Bridgeton pioneer., May 08, 1890, Page 6, Image 6

In Woman’s Behalf. Barriers In the Way    Bridgeton pioneer., June 05, 1890, Page 2, Image 2

In Woman’s Behalf. Irrefutable Arguments. Why Woman Suffrage Is Right and Bound to Come.   Bridgeton pioneer., September 04, 1890, Page 7, Image 7

Can Women Vote Here Jersey City News., September 1, 1894, image 4

Woman’s Suffrage. The New Jersey Association Will Send Bill to the Legislature   The Jersey City news., January 18, 1896, LAST EDITION, Image 2

Women in the Campaign. Circular Issued by Mrs. Hall in regard to the Big Political Fight  The Jersey City news., August 01, 1896, LAST EDITION, Image 4 

Women’s Suffrage Fight. New York Women Talk to New Jersey Members  The Jersey City news., December 02, 1897, LAST EDITION, Image 2

Want The Ballot   The Jersey City news., November 29, 1899, LAST EDITION, Image 1

In the news...1900-1909

Woman’s Rights. Tenth Annual Session of the New Jersey Woman Suffrage Association in Session    The Jersey City news.  November 14, 1900, LAST EDITION, Image 2

Suffragists Meet    The Jersey City news., November 21, 1904, LAST EDITION, Image 1

Suffragists In Session   The Jersey City news., July 26, 1905, LAST EDITION, Image 1

Suffragists In Annual Session    The Jersey City news., November 22, 1905, LAST EDITION, Image 1

Suffragists Are Artistic Anyway    Perth Amboy evening news., January 25, 1909, LAST EDITION, Page 5, Image 5

Look Out For Trouble    Perth Amboy evening news., November 02, 1909, LAST EDITION, Page 7, Image 7

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