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Votes For Women!

The Fight For Women's Suffrage in New Jersey Newspapers In Chronicling America


New Jersey Suffragists Get Ready for 1920

The New Jersey Digital Newspaper Project (NJDNP) is a collaboration of the Rutgers University Libraries, the New Jersey State Archives and the New Jersey State Library. This research guide draws upon articles relating to women's suffrage in New Jersey published in the West Jersey Pioneer/Bridgeton Pioneer (1851-1917), the Jersey City News  (1889-1906) and the Perth Amboy Evening News (March 30, 1903- December 31, 1922) and available in Chronicling America . This project is funded by a grant for the National Digital Newspaper Program, supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Suffrage Tug, Jersey City

Bain News Service, Publisher. Suffrage tug, Jersey City. [Between and Ca. 1915]. Photograph. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, 3/1/2019 Photograph shows suffragist Mina C. Van Winkle

Keyword suggestions

Here are some keywords you might find useful to search on to find New Jersey suffragists in Chronicling America:

New Jersey Woman Suffrage Association | New Jersey Suffrage League | Colored Suffrage League | Equal Franchise Society | Men's League for Women's Suffrage | Equality League of Self-Supporting Women of New Jersey | Colored Women's Federation | Women's Political Union | New Jersey State Federation of Colored Women's Clubs | New Jersey Association Opposed to Woman's Suffrage | anti-suffrage 

Try searching on some the names of those active in the New Jersey suffrage movement, such as:

Emma Lawrence Blackwell | Lillian Feickert | Portia Gage | Florence Howe Hall | Alison Turnbull Hopkins | Mary Dudley Hussey | Clara Schlee Laddey | Harriet Price LaFetra | Alice Paul | Rev. Florence Spearing Randolph | Minola Graham Sexton | Elizabeth Cady Stanton | Lucy Stone | Mina G. Van Winkle

Chronicling America : Historic American Newspapers

Chronicling America is a prolific resource for newspaper articles on the women's suffrage movement in New Jersey and the United States.

Some Tips on Searching:

  • Women often went by their husband's name so if when searching you find nothing using her name try some variations. Here are some possible forms you might try for a married woman named Martha  Sullivan, nee Banks, married to John Sullivan :
    • Martha Sullivan
    • Mrs. Martha Sullivan
    • Mrs. John Sullivan
    • Martha Banks Sullivan
    • M. B. Sullivan
    • Mrs. J. Sullivan
    • Miss Banks
    • Miss Martha Banks
    • Miss M. Banks
    • Try alternate spellings of names.


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