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Votes For Women!

The Fight For Women's Suffrage in New Jersey Newspapers In Chronicling America

Who were the anti-suffragists?

Anti-suffragist groups were made up of both men and women but were led primarily by women. The 'antis" as they were known opposed women's suffrage for multiple reasons:

  • a woman's power comes from her womanhood and femininity rather than her political affiliation
  • that family is the bedrock of society and government, not the payment of taxes (thus taxation with representation was irrelevant)
  • in many states women already have the right to vote on school affairs (and very few exercised this right)
  • suffrage is allied with socialism and feminism which are godless and anti-family
  • there was a fear that women would get the vote and then use that vote to bring prohibition

In the news...

Suffragettes Defy Antis Perth Amboy evening news  July 28, 1913,  Page 4, Image 4

Suffrage, For and Against  Perth Amboy evening news. July 18, 1914,  Page 4, Image 4

Woman suffrage battle opens in New Jersey as antis unlimber big guns   Bridgeton pioneer.   20 May 1915, image 6

Jurist Against Woman Suffrage  Bridgeton pioneer., September 23, 1915, Image 5

Clergy Against Woman Suffrage  Bridgeton pioneer., September 30, 1915, Image 5

Battle Here for Suffrage Issue Perth Amboy evening news.  October 13, 1915, Image 1

Mrs. Feickert in attach on Nugent  Perth Amboy evening news.    05 Oct. 1916, image 3

Anti-Suffrage Talk in Matawan  Perth Amboy evening news.  February 27, 1917,  Page 11, Image 11

Anti Suffrage Move Planned Perth Amboy evening news. February 19, 1920, Image 7



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