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New Jersey Information

A guide to New Jersey's government, recreational opportunities and other public resources.

Economic and Population Data for New Jersey

  • Economic Indicators.  This is the online version of the NJ Dept of Labor’s Economic Indicators periodical which contains a variety of statewide economic data.
  • Housing Sales  This webpage of the New Jersey Association of Realtors provides information on New Jersey home sales for 2001-2010.
  • Labor Force Estimates  This page links to “Annual municipal labor force estimates,” “Annual & Monthly unadjusted county labor force estimates” since 1976 and several other estimates.
  • CSH  Homeless population data arranged by county.

New Jersey Health

  • AMA Doctor Finder  Provides information on licensed physicians in the United States.
  • Health Statistics  Health statistics from the Department of Health and Senior Services.
  • MSNJ Physician Finder  Provides information on individual physician-members of the Medical Society of New Jersey.
  • New Jersey Health Care Profile  Information presented by the Division of Consumer Affairs about New Jersey medical doctors, optometrists and podiatrists. The profiles provide information about practitioners’ credentials and education and also about disciplinary actions, hospital restrictions and malpractice payments made within the past five years.
  • New Jersey Self-Help Group Clearinghouse  Provides contacts for over 4,500 local self-help groups in New Jersey. Also helps those in New Jersey interested in joining with others to start new self-help groups.
  • Online Licensee Directory  Directory of professionals licensed in New Jersey. You can search for medical licensees such as physicians assistants, dentists and licensed practical nurses.

New Jersey Media


  •  This website contains articles from the [Newark] Star-Ledger, The [Trenton] Times and many other newspapers, as well as archived stories. For other newspapers online, see the New Jersey Newspapers web page or the Newspapers Databases web page.

  • New Jersey Monthly  The web site for the popular NJ magazine, includes dining information and an archives. The September issue usually has a feature article on schools in NJ.

  • New Jersey Business  The website for the NJ Business and Industry Association’s magazine, New Jersey Business. Selected articles from the current issue; no archives.


  • New Jersey Radio Stations  Arranged by format (talk, country, alternative etc.). Includes stations originating in New Jersey but not stations heard in NJ from PA and NY.

TV Stations

  • WNJN  New Jersey’s public television station

Natural Resources & Physical Environment

  • State Minerals Information  This U.S. Geological Survey page contains links to several years of “The Mineral Industry of New Jersey” from the Minerals Yearbook. Also contains a link to a “Map of Principal Mineral-Producing Localitie”

Newark Public Library Digital Collections

The Newark Public Library's online collection contains a selection of photographs, newspapers, and other documents from the collections of the Charles F. Cummings New Jersey Information Center and the New Jersey Hispanic Research Information Center at The Newark Public Library.

Click here to visit the website:

Government Documents Round Table New Jersey State Agency Databases Guide

The American Library Association's Government Documents Round Table group (GODORT) maintains and excellent online guide to New Jersey State Agency databases.  The guide, authored by Stephanie Bartz of Rutgers University Archibald S. Alexander Library, is available at the following link:

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