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A guide to New Jersey's government, recreational opportunities and other public resources.

Map Collection at the New Jersey State Library

1986 Map of Burlington City, NJ Map J912.91 B95 L113
1986 Map of Burlington City, NJ Map J912.91 B95 L113

New Jersey State Library Map Collection

  • New Jersey County Maps, including Road Maps, Geographical Maps, and Guides to Public Transit
  • Over 40 Maps of the Trenton area and Mercer County
  • Historic New Jersey Maps from the 17th, 18th, 19th, and early 20th Centuries
  • USGS Topographic Maps
  • Census Tract Maps
  • Regional Maps of New York City and Philadelphia area

Searching NJSL Map Collection

How to Find Maps in the State Library Collection

Our Library Catalog is available online and is free to search. 

  • Select Advanced Search and under media type, choose "Printed Maps". 
  • Use a General Keyword search to find all maps in a subject group (for example, Passaic County)
  • Use a Title Keyword search if you are looking for a specific map and know the exact title.

Online Map Collections and Aerial Photographs

State of NJ Map Resources

Federal Map Resources for NJ

Library, University and Commercial Map Resources for NJ

Print Resources

New Jersey Fire Maps for NJSL Cardholders

Public Domain Fire Maps of New Jersey

While Sanborn was the major publisher of fire maps over time, "Scarlett and Scarlett" and "C.C. Haven" are other publishers whose maps are in the State Library collection.

"During the period 1865 to 1900 a number of surveyors and map publishers prepared fire insurance maps and atlases, but these were principally of urban areas in their immediate locale. New Jersey cities in particular seemed to invite such cartographic activity. Arnois, Spielman and Company, which subsequently merged with Charles B. Brush, issued insurance atlases of Hoboken, Jersey City, and Hudson County. Reimer and Olcott published an atlas of Orange, New Jersey, and Scarlett issued pertinent volumes for Essex and Mercer Counties, the Jersey coast, and the cities of Harrison and Kearny. From 1872 to 1873 William A. Miller published insurance maps of the New Jersey cities of Elizabeth, Paterson, Plainsfield, Rahway, Union, and West Hoboken." from Fire Insurance Maps in the Library of Congress

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