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Health and Medical Resources: Books and Print Materials

Book Collection

The New Jersey State Library collections include many health and medical books and journals in print.

  • Level 4 - Reference collection - medical dictionaries, encyclopedias, medical texts and directories; U.S. Documents; NJ Documents
  • Level 3 - (street level lobby) - Current circulating book collection.
  • Level 2 - Print journals
  • Level 1 - Older, generally pre-2002, books; U.S. Documents

Library Catalog

Use the New Jersey State Library catalog to locate books, periodicals, and publications of all types in the collection of the State Library.



  • Use the General Keyword search for a broad search in all fields.
  • Use Title Keyword for a narrower search of your topic.
  • Use Author Keyword to find an author - it does not matter in which order you enter the first and last name.

For assistance with finding subject terms, keywords, and medical terms, use medical dictionaries found in the library collection call numbers 610 to 610.3. Or use online medical terminology resources.

Using the Print Collection

As a general guideline for browsing the print book collection at the NJ State Library, find the following topics under the Dewey Decimal headings shown. Use for both the circulating collection on level 1 and level 3, and the reference collection on level 4.

Keep in mind that health materials may also be found in other areas. Check the Library Catalog for additional information.


610 - 610.3 Dictionaries, Directories, Terminology, Abbreviations, Acronyms
610.73 Nursing
611 - 612 Anatomy and Physiology
613 Wellness and Health Promotion
613.2 Nutrition, Vitamins and Minerals,Nutraceuticals
613.7 Physical Fitness
613.8 Substance Abuse
614 Forensic Medicine; Incidence, Preventive Medicine
615 Pharmacology, Drugs, Herbal Medicines, Alternative Healthcare, Nutritional Health
615.9 Chemical Hazards in the Workplace, Chemicals and Carcinogens, Poisons, Antidotes, Toxicology
616                                                               Diseases
616.1 Heart Disease
616.2 Respiratory Disease; Asthma
616.3 Gastrointestinal Disease
616.4 Diseases of the Endocrine System; Diabetes
616.7 Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Disease
616.8 Neurology
616.85 - 616.89 Mental Health and Psychology
616.9 Infectious Diseases; Other Diseases
616.979 AIDS and HIV
616.99 Cancer
617 Surgery and related medical specialties; Dentistry; Ophthalmology; Orthopedics
618 Obstetrics and Gynecology; Pediatrics; Child Psychology; Geriatrics
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