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Ready Reference Guide

Telephone Directories & People Finders
Locate area code by number or city, browse by state or area code, view area code maps, search for international dialing codes, or perform a reverse phone number look up.
AMA DoctorFinder
Provides information on licensed physicians in the United States.  Search by name or specialty.
U.S. white and yellow page searching.  Includes, reverse phone, area and zip code lookups.  
Find Law
Locate a lawyer and view detailed profiles of attorneys.
Infobel World Telephone Directories
Index of international telephone directories. Choices differ from country to country, but generally include white and yellow pages.
Search by attorney or law firm name.
U.S. businesses are searchable by name or type of business and results may be limited by distance. Offers advanced search by phone number, street address and zip code. Also includes U.S. people pages.
Find people and businesses or search by reverse phone or address.
Find a person or business.  Includes reverse phone or reverse address searching.

Toll-Free Directories

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