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New Jersey Information

A guide to New Jersey's government, recreational opportunities and other public resources.

NJ for Kids

  • Symbols  Official state symbols, such as the flag, flower, tree, bug. Please note: there is no state song, official or unofficial.
  • Hangout NJ  Features a timeline, a short history, maps, symbols and famous firsts.
  • Thomas Edison  Online documents plus short and full biographies
  • About NJKidCare  This page provides information about the NJ KidCare program to help provide health insurance to uninsured.
  • Hangout NJ  State Government’s main site for kids. The links to the different pages are the text on the right side of the picture.
  • NJ Courts Kids  Despite its name, this is much more than just legal processes and courts for kids. It has a wide variety of educational links for children in addition to the fun page.

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