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Legal Resources


The library provides access to New Jersey Administrative Law materials in print or electronic format. Below is a list of administrative law materials that may be accessed either in print or electronically through our library

NEW JERSEY ADMINISTRATIVE CODE (NJAC). A complete print set of the New Jersey Administrative Code currently in force plus most of its superseded versions are available at the library. The NJAC is also freely available online at the website of the New Jersey Office of Administrative Law.

NJAC is also available on Westlaw and Lexis. The law library offers free access to these two law databases to its onsite customers

NEW JERSEY REGISTER (NJR). The library houses a collection of the New Jersey Register in print from 1969 (Volume 1) forward.

Access volumes 1 to 27 (1969-2004) on the New Jersey State Library website. 

Access volumes 28 forward (2005-present) via the New Jersey Office of Administrative Law website. The NJR from 2005 may also be accessed through Lexis.  Westlaw contains 1995 to present.


The State Library has the formal opinions of the Attorney-General of New Jersey from 1949 to 1984, published in print.

The formal opinions are available at the website of the New Jersey Office of the Attorney-General.

The New Jersey Digital Legal Library, maintained by the Rutgers School of Law Newark Law library, has electronic versions of these opinions from 1949 to 1998.

 Westlaw and Lexis have these opinions from 1977 forward

NEW JERSEY EXECUTIVE ORDERS. New Jersey Executive Orders from 1941 forward are available in print at the library. The executive orders from 1990 forward are available electronically from the official website of the state of New Jersey. A compilation of executive orders from 1941 to 1990 is available at the New Jersey Digital Legal library:

REORGANIZATION PLANS. Reorganization Plans from 1969 forward are available in print at our library. Proposed Reorganization plans are published in the New Jersey Register

NEW JERSEY ADMINISTRATIVE REPORTS. New Jersey Administrative Law decisions from 1979 to 1991 published in the New Jersey Administrative Reports (cited as N.J.A.R.) and the New Jersey Administrative Reports Second Edition (N.J.A.R. 2d) covering cases decided from 1991 through 1997 are available in the library. Decisions from 1997 forward are available electronically on Lexis and Westlaw. These decisions from 1997 forward are also available at the website of the Rutgers School of Law Library, Camden.

PARTICULAR AGENCY DECISIONS. Our library has a comprehensive print collection of the Civil Service Commission and Department of Education decisions. Decisions of other agencies such as the Board of Public Utilities, Alcoholic Beverages Control Board, and the Board of Medical examiners have been collected selectively. The decisions of a selected agency are noted in the library’s catalog.

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