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Information Literacy for TESU Students

Information Literacy for TESU Students

Search Discovery to Find Articles

Advanced Search Techniques

This short presentation explains the basics of boolean operators: what they do and when to use them when searching a database.


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Getting Comfortable with Databases

What are library databases?

Databases are searchable collections of journal articles, magazine articles, newspapers, reference works, and e-books licensed by the New Jersey State Library. Most State Library databases are also available to Thomas Edison State University students. These databases allow you to search and find original research articles and reference materials to aid you in writing your research paper.

Databases allow you to search for relevant research using keywords or search terms, and provide access to scholarly, reliable full-text articles. As mentioned earlier in the Starting Your Research section, content in databases runs from the very broad to the very specific, depending on the database. 

The companies behind the databases often offer excellent help guides for searching on their websites. Below are links to two such guides, from both EBSCO and ProQuestTaking a look at these links is highly recommended; any search strategy or tool that you can add to your academic arsenal is well worth it. 

Search an EBSCO Database for Articles

It can be very frustrating to search a database and find an article that looks promising, only to discover that you don’t have full text access to it. It’s likely that you’re looking at an abstract, which ODLIS describes as “A brief, objective representation of the essential content of a book, article, speech, report, dissertation, patent, standard, or other work, presenting the main points in the same order as the original but having no independent literary value.” Abstracts are useful in that they allow you to quickly judge whether or not an article will aid you in your research.

If you wish to restrict your search results to full text articles only, though, you can choose to do so in the database itself. Usually, this is an option that can be checked off through the search interface. 

In Ovid Nursing Full Text Plus, it can be found here: 

And in an EBSCOhost database like CINAHL Complete, it can be found here: 

Check off that box, and your search will only return articles that you can have immediate access to.

If there's a specific article that you need, however, but that you just can't seem to access, consider using the library's Interlibrary Loan (ILL) system in order to request it. First time users will need to set up an account, but that process is quick and painless, and an ILL could save your research paper! More information about requesting articles via ILL can be found here

Frequently Used Databases

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