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Ready Reference Guide: Voter Registration

Education & Registering

Register to Vote
A U.S. government database enabling citizens to register to vote, contact officials, volunteer and learn about elections.
United States Election Assistance Commission
A U.S Government website that publishes resources, tips and state information to assist voters and state officials operating election voting equipment.
United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division Voting Rights Section
A guide to frequently asked questions about voting rights of all U.S. citizens.

What To Do & How to Vote While Overseas

Military Personnel
A U.S. Department of Defense website that lets military personnel register for absentee ballots. Questions are answered concerning the process. Election results are reported.
U.S. Citizens Living and Working Overseas
The Overseas Vote Foundation website provides information for U.S. citizens living and working overseas, including voter registration, finding an election official in your home area and a voter helpdesk.

New Jersey Voter Information

New Jersey Division of Elections Information for New Jersey citizens
New Jersey's Division of Elections provides instructions and answers on qualifying to vote, on how and where to vote, voter rights, election dates and deadlines and election results. Information for military personnel and overseas voting is included.
New Jersey Voter Information
New Jersey Voter Information is a nonprofit, nonpartisan group whose website assists those who need to register to vote and provides information on New Jersey's public affairs issues and elections.
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